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E3 DS3 Optical to Electrical Converter ( DS3 Modem)

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Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T)
Kemas & Pengiriman:Box
Negara Asal:China
Keterangan:RC802-DS3/ E3 series PDH Fiber Optical Multiplexers are ideal optical fiber transmission devices for point-to-point networks, small and mediumsized capacity networks, such as wireless communication base stations, private communication networks and switching networks. RC802-DS3/ E3 is a modular device which can be inserted in 16-slot SNMP managed chassis RC002-16, 4-slot SNMP managed chassis RC002-4 and one slot SNMP managed chassis RC001-1M for central and remote monitoring, configuration and diagnoses in GUI of Raisecom self-designed network management software NView NNM. As to remote side Raisecom also provides unmanaged one slot chassis RC001-1 and 4-slot chassis RC001-4 which can accompany with RC802-DS3/ E3 module for cost effective application. On front panel it has one unbalanced BNC interface which can be configured to DS3 or E3 by dip-switch. Because of the private protocol in optical port this modem can only be used point-to-point with a same RC802-DS3/ E3 module.

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